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According to different Feed, pre-processing of the proposed guarantee the bladed fillet radius as follows:

Radius r> 1,6 x Feed f
For C-and S-type blade

Radius r> 2,5 x Feed f
For D-type and T-blade

The main angle for the 75 - 105 °, the largest knife into the reference value.
(Note: If conditions permit processing optional knife into the larger value, or should use a smaller value and bladed knife into the fillet radius, especially in a time of shock. Fillet radius of the half for cutting iron, Chilled cast iron and non-consecutive section.)
Finishing on the accuracy of the workpiece surface finish and have special requirements. Turning, we should expect the approximate calculation surface finish, according to Feed f> 0,1 mm, using the following formula, each will be cutting the surface of peak height:

Rth = 125xf2 / r [my]

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