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Polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride cutting materials because of the hardness is very high, so they use the tool of the blade to go through special treatment. Bladed to the structure and selection of materials and the cutting line was cut materials, this tool for the stability and long life are essential.
General, we recommend the use of our standard blade structure: PCD for the acute angle structure (F), cubic boron nitride for chamfering blunt round structure (S).
Of course, a different cutting tool technology on the request will be different, usually require certain technical tests to get in line with the corresponding processing tool. You can regard this and our technical services department to contact, they will provide you with the best solution.

Standard PCD acute angle structure (F)
The use of polycrystalline diamond cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, recommended the use of bladed sharp angle. This can significantly reduce the cutting tool when the pressure on.
Blunt round structure (E)
Blunt round can reduce the risk of broken blades. In specific cases such as cutting into the relatively shallow depth of smaller knives, blunt circular structure should be preferred.
Chamfering structure (T)
Chamfering the edges and corners increases the blade, making cubic boron nitride cutting edge has become more solid. But at the cutting edge will also increase the pressure on.
Standard cubic boron nitride chamfering blunt circular structure (S)
If the cutting edge of technology requirements is very high, and processing conditions require very stable, chamfering and blunt round of this combination is the best option: no increase in the blade edges and corners of the circumstances, the circular structure can be blunt blade to prevent further discount Off.

Fillet radius
Cutter blade angle to get better stability, reliable and a good knife into the workpiece surface finish, bladed fillet radius of choice is essential. Stability and processing in the workpiece to allow, under the premise of bladed fillet radius in principle, the greater the better.


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