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PCBN (CBN) - ranked second hardness

      As most of the hard diamond of carbon are very strong chemical affinity, it unfit for processing iron alloy. In this way, people developed a cubic boron nitride (CBN), it made use of the tool, its use more widely. CBN on its hardness, ranked in second place after the diamond. In other words, its 1,000 degrees Celsius can still maintain the high temperature of 25 degrees Celsius when the carbide hardness.
     And polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) of high-strength from its key inter-crystal.配上hardness and toughness are very good carbide matrix, use it to make knives, cutting deep in the hardness of high toughness materials, to be capable of greatly cutting force. Crystal also offers bond between a high impact resistance strength, cutting it in a row interrupted when the section is very necessary. CBN-layer and carbon and ceramic materials in particular, is better than the thermal conductivity of the turning and milling, it compared Carbide Tool or ceramic tools to better thermal conductivity.
     In processing the hardness and toughness and high wear on the material, cutting a high-frequency surface will result in cutting a high temperature. At this point, the general-cut materials will reduce the hardness, appears to soften. CBN-blade will not happen. Even in the 10 degree Celsius heat its cutting edge not only can still maintain the original strength and hardness, but still anti-oxidation, and not as iron, nickel and cobalt and other metal chemical reaction.

     Cubic boron nitride (CBN) second only to the hardness of diamond. With the diamond difference is that in ferrous metals processing, almost no chemical reaction. Through a high temperature and high pressure technology, people can Carbide in a close bond on the uniform-crystal cubic boron nitride coating. This crystal-CBN as PKB. BZN * - to replace the traditional blade grinding process, dealt with the hardening of steel materials (HRC 45-68) can also carry out high-speed finishing, cutting speed can reach 80-200 m / min. BZN * - also used for cutting blade pearlite hard cast iron and cast iron and cast iron alloy, and so on.

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